Intersectional Ecology Salon

organized by Terike Haapoja and Rania Lee Khalil

We are artists, activists, scholars and curators reflecting across the lines of critical ecology, postcoloniality, animality, intersectional feminism and critical race theory: to where these ideas / actions converge, to intervene in the places where they may omit the others, and to consider new futures.  Each month, a different member of our salon presents their work in progress or thoughts or ideas, followed by group discussion.  We invite anyone thinking along these lines to join us, with the option to present or simply be present.  Our first meeting will take place on Saturday, December 7th at the New School from 4-6 pm.  

The New School 65 West 11th st
Room 458 in the B Building 
Saturday, Dec. 7th 4- 6 pm