A meeting of the
Pan African Asian Women’s Organization,
 Egyptian delegation, Cairo 1961.  
 The group is honoring Algerian revolutionaries 
 Djamilla Bouhired and Zohra Drif 
 seated, first and second from the right, with flowers.
 This meeting was called by artist’s grandmother, Aida Hamdi,
 who stands behind Drif and Bouhired, smiling, in black.

This film fuses an examination of radical histories of liberation
on the continent with the often overlooked histories of land 
 and environmental resistance central to them.  

 In the lower right corner of this image, 
 Zohra Drif and Djamilla Bourhired meet Egyptian 
 president Gamal Abdel Nasser.  

 Drif, Bouhired and their commrades are also the 
 female protagonists of the 1966 film, The Battle of Algiers 
and 1958 film Jamila, The Algerian.  


my family, Alexandria and Cairo, c. late 1930’s
Alexandria portrait with lipstick.


plant frequency
single channel video

plant frequency uses an analog video mixer
as a means by which to view the frequency
of plants otherwise invisible to the colonizer. 

THERE IS A PORTAL (director), 2020
written and performed by Kayhan Irani

one woman performance about immigration, loss and revolution 
for community, activist and non traditional spaces

2019 recipient of a NYFA award 

single channel video, 2015

inturupting ahistoric tourism in nature

digital video, 3’33 

سیناء: ضوء ذهبي ممتد
قناة فیدیو فردیة، ٢٠١٥

مقاطعة للسیاحة المفتقرة للمنظور التاریخي في الطبیعة

فیدیو رقمي، ٣٣٣