علم البيئة العالم الثالث

Third World
Ecology Trilogy

                                  and other works

there is a parallel dimension, just one millimeter away from this one, where all of the tragedies on earth never happened.  an earth so much like our own that it has our same creatures. magnificent fish that rainbow the oceans, huge whales that sing sonar to babies, and nurse their young, floating at sea.

houseboat fire, cairo egypt 2012



expanded cinema performance
arabic & english subtitles  


Palestinian Wildlife Series appropriates footage from a nature documentary on African Wildlife - shot from a television set in Palestine - to reflect on parallel issues of mediation, displacement and extinction among human and non-human beings.

It is part one of the Third World Ecology Trilogy, which meditates on devastation from colonialism across animal, plant and human life. 

Palestinian Wildlife Series was created with the support of the Kone Foundation and Al Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art.


CAIRO TO CONAKRY, 1960 - 1965

slide projection + video

Combining family archives with ecological records,
The Pan-African Asian Women’s Organization,
Cairo - Conakry 1960 - 1965 reflects on a women’s rights
organization, co-founded by my maternal
grandmother Aida Hamdi.
The Gamaya’at el Ma’ra, had headquarters in Egypt and Guinea 
(two of the first African nations to achieve independence
from colonial rule, and the two countries’ of its co- founders) 
at a time of widespread movements
for independence in Africa and Asia.

In this moving image, part of a scene entitled “Families of
Assassinated Leaders”, we see a sampling of the minerals and
animal life extracted by Belgians in the Congo between
1898 and 1961 (including Uranium sold to the U.S.’s
Manhattan project, to make the world’s first atomic bomb).

This project was created with the support of the CIMO
and Kone Foundations, Finland.

SINAI (a story i tell my daughter)

single channel video
2019- 2020

Combining sensual movements of water and sea plants in the Egyptian Sinai,  
this short essay film reflects on a twin dimention of earth
where the tragedies to our planet and its indigenous beings never happened.

This project was created with the support of the Kone Foundation.