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because i am not on any social media or even spotify, i had this idea that i’d like to share what i’m listening to with people i love through my site.

 this is not a comprehensive list in any way,  just keeping a few songs up for now.  as many of you know, Stevie Wonder is my favorite musician of all times, and every album he made from 1967-1980 is for me a complete masterpiece.

 there is then my favorite album of all time, Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet.

 lately, I listen to a lot more jazz, music in Arabic and music without words, like dance and electronic, yet below are a few songs which I play / listen to in relation  our political situation here in the stolen lands of Lenepehoking and Canarsie aka Brooklyn, NY and in Cairo, Egypt  for my fam. 

aretha franklin ”a change is gonna come”
“i know, i know, i know, a change is gonna come”

alice coltrane blue nile
this is just my go to song when i need to change my frequency 

warda,batwanes beek  
there is just no end to the love in my heart for this song 

gladys knight and the pips
I heard it through the grapevine“

 i heard this song live on the amazing “Summer of Soul” and just could not get it out of my head for days- gladys knight and the pips are on fire 

gil scott heron, winter in america

“just like the forests,
buried beneath the highways,
they never had a chance to grow....”